‘Archer’ Season 11 Ending Explained: Has Archer been in coma all this time and only dreaming that he’s awake?

Spoilers for ‘Archer’ Season 11 Episode 8 – ‘Cold Fusion’

When a murder happens at an Arctic facility researching ways to save the planet, it’s up to Sterling Archer (H Jon Benjamin) and his team to get to the bottom of the murder mystery, save the ice caps, and most importantly, make sure that everyone he works with knows he’s the most important agent on the team, irrespective of whether or not that’s true. Saving the world might be just a little bit too outlandish to be real, and towards the end of the episode, Archer has a real reason to question whether or not he actually woke up from the coma, or if he’s still inside it.

As with all mysteries, what at first seems unsolvable soon resolves itself into a straightforward explanation. Bob, the murder victim, was actually the employ of…

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