Types of VPS Hosting that You Should Know

A good VPS will ensure that the customer experience with it is satisfactory. It should also provide you with the security, reliability, and scalability to make your business grow. A good VPS also offers advanced functionality like DNS-based DNS, email control panel, MySQL, PHP, Python, Coldfusion, ASP, and MySQL and multiple websites hosted on a single physical server. There are many types of VPS hosting that you should know. In this article, we will give you some of them.

Free VPS hosting

A free VPS Hosting is, in fact, a VPS demo that you receive from an online web hosting service to test out their service before actually purchasing them. In most cases, these providers offer a free VPS for up to 7 days, 15 or more days, thirty days, or even for a longer period, i.e., two years….

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