Why Everyone Will Be Right About GME, But Still End Up Losing Everything

Everyone is talking about GameStop (NYSE:), but how can you not when we are witnessing something we will likely never see again in our lifetimes?

Gamestop Daily Chart

If GME at $40 seemed ridiculous, then $100 is absolutely bonkers. And I can’t even begin to think of a word that adequately describes the $483 it reached.

If someone told me a stock would explode 2,463% in four short weeks, surely they just cured cancer, cracked the code for cold fusion, or invented an anti-gravity machine. Obviously, whatever they did, it would change life as we know it.

Yeah, no. GME is a pedestrian company that sells used video games on physical disks. And not only did this company not cure some great ailment, it probably won’t even survive long enough to see the 2024 Paris Olympics.

That probably explains why the…

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