Whether Cold Fusion or Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions, U.S. Navy Researchers Reopen Case

Today, still at Google, we remain hopeful. And we’re happy to say that we got a few things wrong. In particular, renewable energy systems have come down in price faster than we expected, and adoption has surged beyond the predictions we cited in 2014.

Illustration of different forms of energy creation.  Engineers can further scale up mature technologies such as wind [1] and solar power [2]. Other nascent technologies require considerable innovation, such as hydrogen-powered planes [3] and electric-arc furnaces for steel production [4]. To counteract the worst immediate impacts of climate change, weChris Philpot

Our earlier article referred to “breakthrough” price targets (
modeled in collaboration with the consulting firm McKinsey & Co.) that could lead to a 55 percent reduction in U.S. emissions by 2050. Since then, wind and…

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