Tubolito’s New MTB PSENS Tubes Have a Built-In Pressure Sensor

Have you ever wished your phone could communicate wirelessly with the tube in your tire to check the air pressure? What if that tube had a super catchy, and definitely not chuckle-inducing name like MTB PSENS? Same here, but Tubolito’s latest addition to their line of lightweight tubes is actually a pretty clever innovation.

The Austrian company has put a NFC (Near-Field Communication) chip that’s encased in foam inside their thermoplastic polyurethane tubes. The chip wirelessly sends a pressure reading to the Tubolito app when a smartphone is held against the tire. The chip doesn’t require any batteries, and only adds around 7 grams to the tube. It’s located around the valve stem, which makes it easier to remember where to place the phone to check the pressure.

The MTB…

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