Sublette Examiner | CyberWyoming Update – May 17

Geek squad invoice scams: A Sheridan citizen reported two emails impersonating Geek Squad support. The first was from a Gmail address with an attachment claiming to be an invoice. The subject line is “Thank you for your order!” Make sure you don’t open the attachment, call the number or reply. The second email was from an email address that looked like QuickBooks, which does not own Geek Squad, but the victim was supposed to reply to an Outlook email address, and the subject line was “Invoice GEEKS9=89379672 from Geek Squad.”

USPS services text scam: A text was reported by a Laramie citizen saying “(USPS services) We have problem with your shipping address.Please verify” Note the incorrect spacing and grammar and remember that almost 50 percent of shipping…

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