Japan sets a new clean energy target to nearly 40% by 2030

Japan aims to increase its clean energy use to nearly 40% by 2030, according to a new Basic Energy Plan draft released by the Japanese government today. The country also plans to reduce its use of fossil fuels.

The Japanese government updates its energy plan every couple years. It will finalize the policy in October.

The latest Basic Energy Plan states that clean energy, especially solar, will make up between 36-38% of overall power generation by 2030. That’s a boost from the previous target of 22-24%. Nuclear’s target was unchanged from the previous plan at 20-22%, and new fuels such as hydrogen and ammonia have a modest 1% target.

Fossil fuel use is to be reduced from 56% to 41% by 2030.

For comparison, in 2019, Japan’s energy breakdown consisted of clean energy at 18%,…

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