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Apple is screwing you by making third-party repairs hard and expensive

If Apple and other tech companies have their way, it will only become harder to have our phones and other devices repaired by third-party businesses. Smartphones and many other tech devices are increasingly being designed in ways that make it challenging to repair or replace individual components. This might involve soldering the processor and flash memory to the motherboard, gluing components together unnecessarily, or using non-standard pentalobe screws which make replacements problematic. Many submissions to an Australian “right to repair” inquiry have called on tech manufacturers to provide a fair and competitive market for repairs, and produce products that are easily repairable. The right to repair refers to consumers’ ability to have their… Source link

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rage, rage against the saving of the daylight

(photo via Unsplash) Even before I looked into the history of Daylight Saving Time, I knew it had a business background. It carries that unique corporate cadence, like “ethical oil,” “clean coal,” or “awesome asbestos.” So I wasn’t surprised to learn that it comes from the industrial revolution, you know, that delightful period of time when men were moustachioed, women carried parasols with impunity, and child laborers knew not to ask for anymore bloody pudding, OLIVER. And so, once again, we come to it: “spring forward,” a perky upbeat phrase that belies the soul-sucking tradition of having an hour of sleep yanked away from us. It’s like how people claim that being pooped on by a bird is good luck. There’s nothing lucky about that. That… Source link

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Join College of the Canyons Canyon Country Campus as it presents a virtual discussion on the impacts of chemistry – from cures and beyond. On an annual basis, the Santa Clarita City Council adopts a legislative platform to outline its position on priority issues and matters that impact the city of Santa Clarita’s ability to operate effectively, promote City interests and protect local authority. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, many day-to-day interactions — such as learning, interacting with co-workers and socializing with friends and family — now take place through computer and phone screens. For parents of toddlers and young children, this has raised concerns about how this increase in screen time might… Source link

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Girls’ basketball maintains winning streak, team morale despite modified season – Inklings News

The Staples girls’ basketball team is nine games into their winter season and has not yet lost a single one. While defeating strong competitors including Trumbull, Ludlowe and Danbury, the team has additionally maintained a close-knit community contributing to their many victories despite a modified season. Due to divided practices and restrictions on fan attendance at games, the season could have easily led to frustration and separation among players, but with the help of the town’s support and the girl’s passion for the game, the team’s morale has remained a grounding constant on and off the court. “Our team chemistry this year has been better than ever before,” varsity player Mckenzie Didio ’22 said when asked what has led to the team’s victories. “Every single… Source link

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Paramount Pictures’ The Saint (1997) dated for release on Blu-ray Disc

Paramount Pictures’ The Saint (1997) starring Val Kilmer, Elisabeth Shue, and Rade Šerbedžija is finally releasing to Blu-ray Disc. The film arrives in a 1-disc edition on May 25, 2021. Video is presented in 1080p at 2.39:1. Audio specs and bonus materials TBA. The Saint on Blu-ray Disc is priced $16.99 on Amazon. Synopsis: Based on the popular spy series, this film follows suave international thief Simon Templar (Val Kilmer), who is contracted by Russian oil magnate Ivan Tretiak (Rade Serbedzija) to steal a formula for cold fusion. So Templar, nicknamed “The Saint” because of his use of Roman Catholic saints as aliases, finds scientist Dr. Emma Russell (Elisabeth Shue), seduces her and steals the information. However, because the formula was incomplete, Tretiak now wants to… Source link

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MIT Spinoff To Build Commercial Fusion Energy Campus In Devens

MIT spinoff Commonwealth Fusion Systems (CFS) announced Wednesday that it will build a 47-acre research and manufacturing campus in Devens, Mass., with the goal of bringing fusion power to market. The campus will house an experimental fusion device called SPARC, which company leaders say will demonstrate that nuclear fusion is a viable power source. The campus will also include the company’s corporate offices and an advanced manufacturing facility. A conceptual image of the MIT SPARC experimental fusion reactor. (Courtesy Photo/MIT) Nuclear fusion offers the promise of carbon-free power with only a tiny fraction of the radioactive waste of traditional nuclear power. But despite decades of attempts, scientists have been unable to maintain a fusion reaction that creates more energy than… Source link

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Chris Reed: Breakthroughs as big as COVID-19 vaccines possible in 2021

2020 saw a staggering achievement: the use of a new technology to develop not one but two extremely effective vaccinations for COVID-19 in less than a year’s time, potentially saving millions of lives. Instead of vaccines which release a weakened or inactivated germ into our bodies to spur an immune response, messenger RNA vaccines get cells to make a protein that causes an immune response in bodies. For months, researchers have said messenger RNA vaccines have enormous potential to treat other diseases — and last week, the Academic Times reported a breakthrough on malaria, which kills more than 400,000 people a year, mostly children in Africa. Human tests have not begun yet, but co-inventor Richard Bucala, a Yale physician, and other experts say lab results suggest the vaccine… Source link

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NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory launches on Wagtail CMS

Torchbox was engaged to help define the technical architecture and content model, ensuring the best use of Wagtail, as well as augmenting JPL’s sprint team to develop features from the backlog, including integrating with third party systems and migrating content from legacy platforms. Additionally, Torchbox took an initial design concept forward, developing it into the look and feel that you see on the site today. Torchbox and JPL worked as part of a fully remote multi-agency/client project team, split across Pasadena (UTC -8), Chennai (UTC +5:30) and the UK (UTC), focused on a hard launch date in time for Perseverance’s arrival on Mars. The JPL site is headless. The front end is built in Vue using NuxtJS, and connects to Wagtail via GraphQL, using the increasingly popular Source link

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NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory launches on Wagtail CMS | News

CHARLBURY, England, March 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The eyes of the world turned to JPL last week as the Perseverance Rover touched down on Mars. They did so via, the Lab’s new digital home for missions, science news, images and videos, recently redesigned and rebuilt on Wagtail with the help of Torchbox. Following Caltech’s lead, JPL chose Wagtail to replace their content management infrastructure and enlisted Torchbox to help them do it in time for the Mars landing. Torchbox was engaged to help define the technical architecture and content model, ensuring the best use of Wagtail, as well as augmenting JPL’s sprint team to develop features from… Source link

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