12 New Flaws Used in Ransomware Attacks in Q3 – Threatpost

The Q3 2021 report revealed a 4.5% increase in CVEs associated with ransomware and a 3.4% increase in ransomware families compared with Q2 2021.

A dozen new vulnerabilities were used in ransomware attacks this quarter, bringing the total number of bugs associated with ransomware to 278. That’s a 4.5 percent increase over Q2, according to researchers.

Five of the newbies can be used to achieve remote code execution (RCE), while two can be used to exploit web apps and launch denial-of-service (DoS) attacks. That’s never good news, but it’s particularly teeth-grinding given that this quarter also saw distributed DoS (DDoS) attacks shatter records, according to a separate study.

The news about the new vulnerabilities that have…

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