Where To Find Roger Moore’s Hidden Cameo In Val Kilmer’s The Saint

Roger Moore was the star of the original The Saint TV series during the 1960s, and here’s where to find his cameo in Val Kilmer’s 1997 movie remake.

He was the lead of the original series, and here’s where to find Roger Moore’s cameo in 1997’s The Saint movie. Long before he took over from Sean Connery as James Bond, Moore was a major TV star. He briefly replaced James Garner in the lead of classic western series Maverick in 1960, before taking on the part of Simon Templer in The Saint. The show was an adaptation of the novels by Leslie Charteris and followed Moore’s Templar, a mysterious Englishman who goes around righting wrongs or taking on criminals or the corrupt.

The Saint established Moore as a star, including his trademarks like…

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