What Does The Future Version of ColdFusion Hold For You?

ColdFusion will be completing 25 successful years by July 2020. Within a few years of its launch in 1995, people started speculating the impending death of the language, but the development community members like us had faith in its future. ColdFusion has been growing stronger with years, and ever since it was acquired by Adobe, it was proved to be the most secure and robust language with a definite road map for the coming years.  

Future of ColdFusion

The future version of Adobe’s ColdFusion will be cloud-based and server-free. In other words, it will no longer remain physical as in the past.

Adobe ColdFusion 2020 CFScript will be ECMA Script compliant so that it will completely fix the script syntax issues that ColdFusion’s earlier versions had. It will be easier as programmers…

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