“The Man Who Fell to Earth” ambitiously picks up where the sci-fi cult classic’s mission ended

In 1976 cinematic classic “The Man Who Fell to Earth,” David Bowie’s iconic alien Thomas Jerome Newton easily blends into humanity. He strolls into a small Kentucky town, lays down on a bench outside of an antiques store and waits for it to open. Once it does, he sells a gold wedding ring and goes on his way.

Forty-five years later another alien from Newton’s home planet crash-lands on Earth, this time in New Mexico. But his entry is nowhere as smooth. Newton arrives fully clothed and dapper, while this alien, played by Chiwetel Ejiofor, stumbles out fully naked and desperately thirsty. It isn’t long before he’s Tased, arrested and beaten.

And while Newton speaks flawless, British-accented English, Ejiofor’s interstellar traveler, who takes the name Faraday from a…

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