The Arrowverse May Have Spoiled Flash Season 8’s Serial Killer Identity Twist

Because of a casting report, the Arrowverse may have already spoiled a big twist with The Flash season 8’s new metahuman serial killer mystery.

Warning: Spoilers for The Flash season 8, episode 8

The Arrowverse may have spoiled the identity of The Flash’s mysterious serial killer. The Flash season 8, episode 8, titled “The Fire Next Time” kicked off a new arc that appears to be focused on a new metahuman threat that’s emerged in Central City. Right now, Team Flash has no idea who they’re up against or what they want.

For most of the episode, Team Flash and the police acted under the false assumption that the Hotness, a one-time villain from The Flash season 4, was the killer they were looking for. He had a motive for both…

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