“Self-Charging Nano-Diamond Batteries” That Can Run An Electric Car For 90 Years? | by Glenn Rocess | Aug, 2020

On my news aggregator yesterday was a story on newatlas.com titled, “Nano-diamond self-charging batteries could disrupt energy as we know it.” What the hell? That pegged out my weird-s**t-o-meter, so I had to read it.

First, here’s the backstory. It turns out that in 2016, back when [political rant deleted for space], a group of scientists at the University of Bristol took some radioactive waste graphite, squeezed it into teensy-weensy diamonds…and those diamonds generated a small amount of energy all by themselves, though not enough to power a cell phone. You see, in many reactors, graphite is used as a moderator to control the heat flow, and when the reactor is refueled or decommissioned, all the graphite removed is rich in carbon-14 and is highly radioactive, and at that time…

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