Riverhead green-lights EPCAL drag racing events for 2022

Drag racing at the Calverton Enterprise Park got a green light for 2022 from the Riverhead Town Board Wednesday.

The board approved four events to be organized by André Baxter and Peter Scalzo, who both held separate events at EPCAL last year. All events are scheduled to be held on the 10,000-foot, town-owned runway on the former Grumman site which, while rarely used, is still an active runway. Baxter held his 2021 event on the 10,000-foot runway, which was shut down to air traffic on the weekend of his event. Scalzo’s series of events last year took place on the 7,000-foot runway, which is inactive.

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The first event of the year, “Scrambul: Cold Fusion,” is organized by Baxter and is scheduled to take place on the…

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