QuantumScape’s Q2 report reveals 10-layer solid-state battery, plus commercialization timeline

In a letter to shareholders recapping Q2 of 2021, solid-state battery manufacturer QuantumScape has offered some exciting updates surrounding its solid-state battery technology. In addition to making progress on its pre-pilot manufacturing facility, the company is also developing and testing multiple layered versions of its solid-state batteries as part of a timeline for scaled production in the next several years.

QuantumScape ($QS) is a solid-state battery manufacturer founded in 2010 with the goal of developing scalable, effective solid-state batteries.

In addition to millions of dollars of funding from major automakers like Volkswagen Group, QuantumScape went public in the fall of 2020 via a reverse SPAC merger with Kensington Capital Acquisition.

Last December, the…

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