Penn State University research lab acquires SPEE3D metal AM machine

The Applied Research Laboratory of Penn State University has acquired SPEE3D’s LightSPEE3D AM machine (Courtesy SPEE3D)

The Applied Research Laboratory of Penn State University, Pennsylvania, USA, a US Department of Defense designated University Research Centre, has acquired a LightSPEE3D Cold Spray metal Additive Manufacturing machine from SPEE3D, Melbourne, Australia, which will allow the institution to advance its AM capability.

SPEE3D machines use Cold Spray Additive Manufacturing, working on a cold fusion principle where compressed air is used to fuse powders, meaning no volatile gases or heat sources are required to bond layers together. In recent Australian Army field trials, the company’s LightSPEE3D and WarpSPEE3D machines have proven robust enough for harsh…

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