New Flash Season 8 Villain Hints At Exactly How Firestorm Returns

The Flash season 8, episode 9’s big villain reveal provides a hint at how and why Ronnie Raymond’s Firestorm comes back into the picture.

Warning: Spoilers for The Flash season 8, episode 9

The Flash season 8’s big villain reveal hints at the nature of Firestorm’s return to the Arrowverse. Robbie Amell is set to reprise his role as Ronnie Raymond’s Firestorm in two upcoming episodes of the series. For months now, how he’ll re-enter the picture has been a major mystery.

Firestorm lost his life in The Flash season 2 premiere to stop a singularity caused by Barry Allen’s final battle with Reverse-Flash. Thanks to flashbacks, alternate timelines, and the Speed Force’s ability to take the form of anyone it chooses, Amell has made…

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