Netflix Certain To Lose Over Executive Poaching Suit From Viacom – Deadline

Sure, they have the launch of The Surgeon’s Cut tomorrow, but some weeks it kind of bites to be Netflix.

Already fighting an uphill appeal battle against Fox (AKA Disney ) for poaching two of their executives a few years aback, on December 4, the Reed Hastings and Ted Sarandos-led streamer were sued by Activision Blizzard for allegedly seducing away the latter’s CFO back in late 2018. Now, in a repeat of sorts of the skirmish with Fox, Netflix looks almost certain on Thursday to lose their legal dust-up with Viacom (now ViacomCBS) for snagging Momita Sengupta from the Shari Redstone controlled company two years ago.

“The Court finds that Viacom’s employment agreements do not contain unlawful non-compete covenants for the simple reason that Netflix has failed to support…

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