NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory launches on Wagtail CMS

Torchbox was engaged to help define the technical architecture and content model, ensuring the best use of Wagtail, as well as augmenting JPL’s sprint team to develop features from the backlog, including integrating with third party systems and migrating content from legacy platforms. Additionally, Torchbox took an initial design concept forward, developing it into the look and feel that you see on the site today.

Torchbox and JPL worked as part of a fully remote multi-agency/client project team, split across Pasadena (UTC -8), Chennai (UTC +5:30) and the UK (UTC), focused on a hard launch date in time for Perseverance’s arrival on Mars.

The JPL site is headless. The front end is built in Vue using NuxtJS, and connects to Wagtail via GraphQL, using the increasingly popular

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