More Sandwiches, Less Kale Foam

(Photograph by David Burden Photography/Getty Images.)

Dear Reader (including those of you who were excited to learn that Jewish space lasers are real),

Years ago, I watched a documentary called Sandwiches You Will Like. It was about the pursuit of cold fusion technology.

No wait. That’s not right. It was about sandwiches you would like to eat (in fact, I was sure the full title of the documentary was Sandwiches You Will Like To Eat until I googled it just now). It was a good title and a pretty good documentary. If you’re scrolling through the channel guide and you’re the kind of person who likes to watch TV shows about sandwiches, you’re unlikely to skip past it because the title tells you what the show is about. If they called it Regional Sources of Sustenance: 1910-1980 or…

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