More Bang For Your Baby

And when you’re talking about binary explosives, ‘too much’ is kind of a relative term. The point is to make a big boom, and if you like that sort of thing, the bigger the boom, the better. Still, there has to be a limit. The limit is usually not how much is safe. The limit is usually how much you can afford. And Tannerite isn’t all that expensive. Which is why rednecks sometimes go overboard with it. Money and stupidity are not mutually exclusive.

A popular thing these days is using Tannerite to explode a bunch of blue or pink chalk as a fun way to reveal the gender of a child about to be born. I have no idea what color you’re supposed to use if your child will be some other gender, and I don’t want to know. Anyway, back in April, a couple used 80 pounds of Tannerite for…

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