Letter to the Editor, Feb. 11, 2021: Natural gas better than windmills, solar panels | Letters

Natural gas better than

windmills, solar panels

In a recent Letter to the Editor,  Fred Roensch accuses me of “sneering at someone’s climate solutions” when in fact, I merely pointed out the negatives that must be weighed against the putative benefits of President Joe Biden’s climate solutions. But since Roensch asked for alternative solutions, here are my suggestions:

• Use clean, efficient natural gas to its best advantage, keeping our economy strong, while developing the next generation of technology.

• Streamline approvals and encourage further development of modern, small nuclear power stations.

• Support energy innovation — cold fusion, molten-salt fission, et al.

Solar (1.7% of U.S. energy in 2019) and wind (7%) will never be the solution to the search for…

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