Jet of the future or pie in the sky? New supersonic design unveiled

A new supersonic plane could get from London to New York in 80 minutes, that’s if it ever gets off the ground.

The Hyper Sting concept would travel at 4000kph – almost twice that of Concorde.

Spanish designer Oscar Viñals says 170 passengers could enjoy travel at over three times the speed of sound.

He explains that a Mach 3.5 capability would be thanks to innovative systems like a so-far theoretical cold fusion nuclear reactor.

* How the ‘son of Concorde’ could revive the supersonic dream
* United Airlines to bring back supersonic passenger travel
* Dream over: Supersonic plane developer ceases operations

This would power two ramjet engines and four next gen hybrid turbojets.

At 100 metres, the Hyper Sting would be more than 30 metres longer than Concorde, and have a wider…

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