How to care for poinsettias; history of Christmas plant

Was there ever a sign of the season more closely associated with Christmas than the poinsettia?

OK, there’s also the fir tree, the spring of mistletoe, the 24-foot-wide inflatable Snoopy with his Red Baron bi-plane, and then there’s that big star in the east thing.

But the poinsettia plays second fiddle to none of them — certainly not in the eyes of Lucy Brown’s “Big Eastern Syndicate” anyway.

And of course, the poinsettia is so associated with Christmas because the Druids or the Vikings or the Philistines were looking for something to keep them distracted during the early part of the NCAA basketball season games that have so little bearing on the Big Dance selection process in March. So they wandered around the desert or forest or tundra looking for something to keep…

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