Everything you need to know about the potential method to achieving carbon-neutral energy production 

What is it?

Fusion energy is the result of a nuclear fusion, where atoms are fused together through immense pressure and heat to generate energy. The process used to achieve fusion is the same one at play on the sun, but, obviously, on a considerably smaller scale. 

Very simply, two light nuclei, the central core of an atom, are merge to form a single, heavier nucleus. This then releases energy. 

Don’t confuse fusion with fission, where atoms are split to create energy. 

Why should I care?

Fusion is vitally important to the planet and all its inhabitants.

It offers a carbon-free solution to creating energy that is much more sustainable, with the major by-product of fusion being helium, a non-toxic gas. 

It also possesses endless potential. Atom fusing, when done…

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