Even a pop quiz from Bill Murray can’t stump Spelling Bee champ Zaila Avant-garde

Zaila Avant-garde, Phoebe Robinson, Bill Murray

Zaila Avant-garde, Phoebe Robinson, Bill Murray
Screenshot: Jimmy Kimmel Live

If the world were truly a meritocracy, it would be people like Scripps National Spelling Bee champion Zaila Avant-garde calling the shots. Apart from becoming the first African-American to conquer the annual spelling competition, and having received at least two full rides to various esteemed colleges, the 14-year-old also happens to already hold three world records for her insane basketball handles, as the young woman demonstrated on Wednesday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live. (Avant-garde also has big plans to work at NASA, play in the WNBA, and coach men’s professional hoops, along with, one can only suspect, solving global warming and finally cracking that cold fusion puzzler.)

With guest host and 1 Dope Queen Phoebe…

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