EnemyBot Malware Targets Web Servers, CMS Tools and Android OS – Threatpost

Malware borrows generously from code used by other botnets such as Mirai, Qbot and Zbot.

A rapidly evolving IoT malware dubbed “EnemyBot” is targeting content management systems (CMS), web servers and Android devices. Threat actor group “Keksec” is believed behind the distribution of the malware, according to researchers.

“Services such as VMware Workspace ONE, Adobe ColdFusion, WordPress, PHP Scriptcase and more are being targeted as well as IoT and Android devices,” reported AT&T Alien labs in a recent post. “The malware is rapidly adopting one-day vulnerabilities as part of its exploitation capabilities,” they added.

Infosec Insiders Newsletter According to AT&T’s analysis of the malware‘s code base, EnemyBot borrows generously from…

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