Bob Saget and open source license compliance

Unique open source licenses provide amusement for developers but they create extra work for legal teams overseeing a company’s IP.

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Several of my open source friends had the same reaction when they heard of the death of Bob Saget. Sadly, the actor/comedian passed away last week at a relatively young age, and with him went an increment of open source license risk. Wait… what?

Yes, it’s true. I was only vaguely aware of Saget when he was at his most famous as the father on the 1980s/90s sitcom Full House. At the time I was too busy with my career and filling my own house to watch a lot of TV. His role in the popular series was rather wholesome and a stark contrast to his fairly raunchy standup act. But the flame of his fame achieved a little extra glow in the open source world in…

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