Banks DIH wins second round, but Cold Fusion still ahead in Domino tournament – News Room Guyana

Cold Fusion Sports Club is still ahead in the three-round Domino tournament with Banks DIH and Auditors, despite Banks DIH winning the second round recently at the Cold Fusion Sports Bar at Zeelugt, East Bank, Essequibo.

Cold Fusion is in the lead with 167 games having won the first leg in March, followed by Banks DIH on 159 and Auditors on 137. In the first round, Banks managed 79 games, while Auditors made 61.

In the second round, Banks won 80 games, while Auditors and Cold Fusion were tied on 76 games each, but Auditors prevailed after making more sixes.

James Mars (16 games), Steve Dey (15 games) and Jose Felicien (14 games) were the top players for Banks DIH. Persaud (only name given) had 17 games for Auditors, followed by Troy Braithwaite (13 games) and Andrew Quintin (13…

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