Audi’s McNish explains why relevance for manufacturers is key in F1 engine talks · RaceFans

Audi and Porsche were the only manufacturers to join Formula 1’s 2025 engine regulation discussions which are not currently involved in the sport. So why did the two Volkswagen Group brands want to be at the table?

Last year Audi announced it will quit Formula E and put its efforts into the Dakar rally, where it enjoys more technical freedom. It is using the powertrain it developed for its final season of Formula E in the design of the RS Q E-tron which will tackle the dunes.

Volkswagen Group’s motorsport portfolio has diminished since the company attempted to move past the reputational damage of the dieselgate emissions scandal by refocussing on electric vehicles. This makes Porsche and Audi’s presence at F1’s recent manufacturer meetings all the more intriguing.

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