Adding a lane in California is good for Nevada | STEVE SEBELIUS

As a native Southern Californian, I’ve made the drive between Las Vegas and my hometown of Huntington Beach dozens of times over the years.

When traffic is light on Interstate 15, it’s heaven, especially for a leadfoot like me. I’ve set personal land speed records, but not always without incident. It was on the 15 that I received two traffic citations on the same day, less than 30 minutes apart, traveling faster the second time, in a friend’s wife’s minivan.

But when there’s an accident or traffic is heavy, the drive can be a hellishly long, 275-mile slog through the desert. And with just two lanes for the 113 miles between Primm and Barstow, nearly anything can clog traffic, from ill-mannered, slow-moving drivers hogging the left lane to big-rig truckers trying to…

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