A case of very mistaken identity in ‘The Man From Toronto’

It’s easy enough to describe what’s wrong with the Netflix action comedy “The Man From Toronto,” which starts streaming on Friday. It’s nasty and clumsy, tonally erratic, lacking in texture, and pretty stupid. How stupid? It thinks you need a passport to fly from Puerto Rico to Washington, D.C. If there’s a sequel, it better not be called “The Man From San Juan.”

It takes only two words to describe what’s right: Kevin Hart. He’s endearing and shameless and irrepressible, a wind-up toy that never needs winding. If he had any more energy, we’d have a guaranteed petroleum-free future. Cold fusion, thy name is Kevin Hart.

Woody Harrelson (left) and Kevin Hart in “The Man From Toronto.”Sabrina Lantos/Netflix

The Man From Toronto — the character who gives the movie its…

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