🌱 Riverhead Daily: “MLK: Through Many Voices” + Drag Racing!

Happy Wednesday, neighbors! Diane Witek here with everything you need to know to get this day started. Here’s everything you need to know today in Riverhead.

First, today’s weather:

Not as cold. High: 41, low: 27.

Here are the top stories in Riverhead today:

  1. Riverhead Anti-Bias Task Force is hosting the “MLK: Through Many Voices,” event on Saturday at 10 a.m. The program will feature speeches and writings of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., “brought to life” by local men inspired to follow in his footsteps, the ABTF said. The Martin Luther King, Jr. Day event in Riverhead can be in person or online through Zoom. The event is free to the public and will be held at the Riverhead Library. Pre-registration is required for either. Register to attend in person here or by calling 631-727-3228.

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