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In the dead of winter, a place like Stowe, Vt., is traditionally hell for electric vehicles. Frigid temperatures dramatically slow down a battery’s internal chemical reaction necessary for performance, and, as a result, both power and range take a beating. Yet here I am, blasting down a Green Mountain State trail in February, full send, on a Taiga—the world’s first all-electric production snowmobile.

Named after the moniker for subarctic conifer forests, the Taiga offers plenty of output and little range anxiety. Has Taiga made some breakthrough in battery technology to make this possible? Is it cold fusion? Black magic? Nope. It’s all just owed to a few sled-enthusiasts with a novel engineering solution.

The all-electric Taiga Nomad snowmobile.

The all-electric Taiga Nomad snowmobile. 

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