Archer recap: Season 12, Episode 4


Image: FX

On paper, tonight’s installment of Archer is a pretty wild mish-mash mess of discordant concepts: Gorillas? Skynet air conditioners? Internships?! And yet, blissfully, it all works—at least in part because Asha Michelle Wilson’s script doesn’t attempt to smash the three concepts together in any sort of ham-fisted way. Krieger (a.k.a. “Dr. God”) accidentally creating a murderous climate control system after being asked to implement environmentally friendly office thermostats is funny. Cheryl being in charge of a hapless intern is funny. Archer falling madly in love with an adorable animal—in this case, a gorilla the Agency is helping the U.N. transport back to its endangered family—is (always, always, always) funny. Each of these ideas is allowed to…

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